Divorce in Mississippi is not as simple or easy as it is in many other states. Even a divorce on irreconcilable differences grounds requires a great deal of paperwork, and meeting the legal requirements to get a divorce can be tricky without legal guidance.

In Mississippi, the consent of both spouses is required to proceed with a divorce on irreconcilable differences grounds. If one of the parties won’t agree, then the divorce has to proceed on a statutory fault ground, and the party seeking the divorce has to prove one of these factors, i.e. abandonment, adultery, habitual cruel and inhuman treatment, or one of several other specific grounds.

Attorney Nicholas Sakalarios has successfully tried many divorce cases in counties throughout South Mississippi. Whether you and your spouse agree on property and custody and just need an irreconcilable differences divorce, or whether you are fighting for the right to keep your house, your pension, or custody of your children, you need to talk to Nicholas Sakalarios.

Child Custody
In our state, the Court has to consider several factors from a case called Albright v. Alrbright when determining who should have custody of a minor child. These factors include the age and sex of the child, the employment and employment responsibilities of each parent, moral fitness, and several other factors. You need legal help to gather your evidence and witnesses, to find out what evidence and witnesses the other side intends to use, and to present your case to the judge in the most logical and convincing way possible.

Child Support

In Mississippi, child support is set according to statutory guidelines. Basically, a percentage rate, based on the number of children, is applied to your income after taxes and some other things are deducted. If circumstances have changed, the amount of support can sometimes be modified upwards or downwards by the court.