Family Law

It is difficult to deal with a divorce, a fight over custody, child support, or other such issues. Attorney Nicholas Sakalarios will guide you through the process and help you protect your rights, property, and family.

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Medical costs, business setbacks, and other circumstances can see us saddled with debts we cannot reasonably repay. Attorney Nicholas Sakalarios can help you get a fresh financial start and discharge your debts by seeking the protection of the Bankruptcy Court.

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Disabling injuries and illnesses can change your life. We all pay into the Social Security Disability system, but it can be a time consuming and bewildering process trying to get your benefits when you become sick or injured. Attorney Nicholas Sakalarios will help you seek the social security disability benefits to which you are entitled.

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Fighting For You

Attorney Nicholas Sakalarios has been helping clients find a way forward when they are facing life crises like divorce, bankruptcy and disability for over ten years.

He will fight tirelessly for you to protect your rights, your family relationships, and your property.


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